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Rolf M. Offline

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21.03.2006 12:26
Stefan Lanka 3-mal in den USA zitiert Antworten

Das Interview am 27.10.2005 zur "Vogelgrippe" usw. also; 3 US-basierte Websites haben 24.02 bzw. 12.03 Auszüge meiner englischen Übersetzung davon gebracht. Darüber folgt hier eine Meldung von mir auf Englisch, mit nur einem Bischen "Sich-ans-Brust-klopfen" meinerseits wegen dieser Übersetzung und auch mit einem kurzen Hinweis auf eine Doppelaufführung des Balletts "Der sterbende Schwan", die gestern in Stockholm stattfand.

Stefan Lanka quoted in the USA on the "bird flu" terror hoax

At my homepage I've added today, under
"News with brief comments":

Tuesday, 21 March 2006 (NWBC 132) Stefan Lanka quoted in the
USA on the "bird flu" terror hoax

2006-03-21, 09:46 GMT:

On 27.10.2005, the German Internet newspaper FAKTuell pub-
lished an interview with the virologist Stefan Lanka, in which
he refuted in detail the now still ongoing international pro-
paganda by the imperialists, in particular the US imperia-
lists, intended to cause fear and "hopefully" even mass murder
by fantasizing that there is "a bird flu virus" which is
"spreading" around the world and which "might even mutate" so
that people "perhaps" might "have to" be ordered to take some
purported "medicines" on a large scale against that purported
"virus", which would then actually cause poisonings and also


Fortunately, this big hoax is being seen through more and more
by people in many countries. In the USA for instance, rather
recently as many as three websites based in that country have
brought excerpts from an English translation of that Stefan
Lanka interview which I published on 22 February (as a sepa-
rate article, and also in my UNITE! Info #251en).


This was, firstly, the "guerilla news network" in the USA,
with an article on 24.02 by Liam Scheff, who describes him-
self as a "writer on politics and culture, with a special
focus on the abuses of big pharma on the american underclass".
He headlined his excerpts, in which he also improved on my
translation, "No Panic – Dr. Stephan Lanka on Bird Flu,
Vaccines, AIDS and the Corruption of Medicine" and wrote i.a.:


"Is there a bird flu pandemic? German virologist Dr. Stephan
Lanka says no, and does so in detail. here.

He makes some points that I’m sure will seem startling, but
there’s a wonderfully no-nonsense, common-sense approach to
his thinking (“Think for yourself, look into it yourself”),
and a refreshing lack of fear-mongering.

We who have been bombarded with the threat of imminent doom
from the health authorities will notice the important diffe-
rence here:

Lanka isn’t trying to hypnotize you into believing that you
have no control over your health, biology or being. He’s
asking that we all think critically and thoughtfully for a

Secondly and thirdly, Liam Scheff's article and excerpts were
later repeated by the Philadelphia Independent Media Center
and by Indymedia-US, both on 12.03.


Thus it may be hoped that among "ordinary people" in the USA,
not so few already know that the "bird flu" propaganda is a
hoax. And this all the more so since this fact had already
been seen and pointed out earlier by some writers in that
country. To the US-based Vaccinations mailing list, for in-
stance, Sheri Nakken on 02.03 posted repeats of some likewise
very instructive articles, originally of 17.01 and 19.01, by
Jon Rappoport respectively by him and Jim West, as noted in
NWBC 112 and 113. These articles I've copied on to my homepage


"Cutting-edge" and best-informed concerning the imperialists'
tricks and intentions with their "bird flu" terror hoax are
still some websites based in Germany, such as "klein-klein-
aktion" and "Agenda Leben" (for some translated quotes from
which, see my UNITE! Info #252en), but also from several
other countries, voices have been heard with doubts about and
criticisms and refutations of the international "establish-
ment's" ridiculous fantasy about "bird flu as being spread by
migrating wild birds" (another instance of which was pre-
sented only yesterday to people here in Sweden, in the form of
a double performance in Stockholm of the ballet "The Dying
Swan" by the ruling swindlers and terrorism supporters in
this country - "reports" in newspapers DN and SvD).


Such criticism has appeared in Thailand, for instance, in the
form of an article in the Bangkok Post on 27.02 (now saved at
my homepage, and see also my Info #252en), and in Uganda,
from which country there originates a picture which is quite
instructive about this whole matter - noted by me yesterday
in NWBC 130 and 131, and here's a link to it once more:
"Latest Terrorist Threat".


It probably cannot be avoided that the ruling imperialists
will cause considerable damage, economic such at the very
least, with this terror campaign of theirs, since they have
at their disposal for this not only their enormous mass media
resources but also certain groups of people in certain pro-
fessions, who because of their role in society, in particular
in the "rich" countries, in their large majority tend to
accept and support any lie, no matter how absurd, and any
murderous crime committed on the sly, no matter how atro-
cious, by those small cliques of ruling imperialists.

But with knowledge of the basic, scientifically demonstrated
facts about this "bird flu", which I ask readers to help
disseminate the information about too, the people in all
countries at least can minimize that damage. The question of
joint counterattack against those imperialist cliques, in
order for the people to get rid of their rule once and for
all, of course remains very much on the order of the day too.


Message posted by:
Rolf Martens
Malmö, Sweden
Phone and fax:
+46 - 40 - 124832;

jannis ( Gast )

21.03.2006 13:45
#2 RE: Stefan Lanka 3-mal in den USA zitiert Antworten


Das ist absolut Spitze was Du da geleistet hast, da kannst Du dir wirklich auf die Brust klopfen!

Viele Grüsse

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