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Rolf M. Offline

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12.05.2006 03:41
Vogelgreuelgrippefilm in den USA ein Erfolg! Antworten

Also für das Erwachen der Leute dort. Ein Erfolg in der entgegengesetzten Richtung zu der Beabsichtigten. Eine Meldung von mir dazu, auch an Newsgroups usw. geschickt: ABC's "bird flu" movie a success!

At my homepage I've added today, under "News with brief

Friday, 12 May 2006 (NWBC 164) ABC's "bird flu" movie a

2006-05-12, 00:43 GMT:

For waking people up, that is. A success in the opposite
direction of that intended.

For the facts on "bird flu", see my "UNITE! Infos" #251en,
#252en and #256en, and on that movie shown on TV in the USA
on 9 May, see also NWBC 161, of 05.05.

And another writer, Jack Allis, wrote on 04.05:


Fiction More Hideous Than Truth
A Slap in the Face to the American People

I have not seen this movie, and all I know about it is what I
saw on the promos during the NBA playoffs last weekend. But
on the basis of that, I can safely say that never has network
television sunk to such sleazy, reprehensible and wicked
depths. It's abundantly clear what kind of a picture is going
to be painted here. It's the same catastrophizing and fear
mongering, without any regard for the facts, which we see in
the headlines of the mainstream news on a regular basis. The
promos even made the claim that this movie was "ahead of the
headlines," or words to that affect, virtually bragging about
foretelling what's in store for the poor American people.
Other things that jumped out and grabbed you were a reference
to 20-million people dying, a shortage of vaccine, the fact
that there was nothing that could be done to stop it, and one
of the characters saying, "We're all going to die."

Never has the blurring of the lines between truth and fiction
been more glaringly obvious. Never has the pure propaganda
motive of a TV drama and the attempt to brainwash the
American people more transparent. People are waking up in
droves to the fact the mainstream media and the government
are owned and controlled by the international power brokers
who rule the world, including the international banking
establishment, the multi-national corporations, and very
importantly, the international pharmaceutical industry. And
here it is being played out in broad daylight, right before
our eyes: the mainstream media being used to promote the
agenda of these power brokers. ... "


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