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Rolf M. Offline

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22.03.2006 00:27
GEFAHR: Uruguay plant Impfen Antworten

Ich habe soeben die folgende Meldung auf Englisch an eine Reihe von Adressen geachickt.

US/WHO killers trick Uruguay into "anti-H5N1 vacc." poisoning

At my homepage I've added today, under
"News with brief comments":

Tuesday, 21 March 2006 (NWBC 133) DANGER: US/WHO killers
trick Uruguay into "anti-H5N1 vaccinations" poisoning

2006-03-21, 22:30 GMT:

According to Prensa Latina today,


"Uruguay will start *an anti-avian flu vaccine campaign* as
soon as the country receives the first 400,000 doses by late
March, the Public Health Ministry (MSP) reported Tuesday.

According to sector authorities, the first ones to be
vaccinated will be *children between eight months and two
years old*, then *people older than 65 years* and *those
suffering any chronic respiratory disease*, and finally those
working on poultry farms, states the World Health
Organization (WHO)." [Emphasis added here]

But such vaccination, mass vaccination even, is precisely
what must NOT be done.

There is NO "bird flu virus", NO "H5N1". The massive propa-
ganda about this, by the US imperialists above all, by the
other imperialists too and by the WHO and the media under
their control is intended, in their desperate situation of
being opposed more and more by the people everywhere, to
create fear and, "hopefully", mass vaccinations "against"
that non-existent "virus", which can only cause poisonings
and, in the case of persons already ill, even deaths, which
they will then pretend "were caused by H5N1" and take as
"showing" that "there is now a pandemic" and that "thus, even
more vaccinations" - that is, more killings - "are needed".

Quite in particular, vaccinations of people SUFFERING ANY
CHRONIC RESPIRATORY DISEASE risks causing many deaths.

A big problem and danger here is the fact that scientific
knowledge about these matters is not very widespread among
people in general, and in some countries perhaps is practi-
cally non-existent. With this message, I'm trying to contri-
bute towards warning people in Uruguay and in other coun-
tries, including persons with political influence who do not
want to become accessories to mass murder.

Refutations of the imperialists' "bird flu" hoax and expla-
nations of the basic facts on this do exist. The best are in
an interview on 27.10.2005 with the German virologist Stefan
Lanka. An English translation of this is at my homepage, in
"UNITE! Info #251en". In the below, I shall repeat some ex-
cerpts from it which I believe contain particularly important



IS THERE, THEN, no bird flu at all?

Since the late 19th century, diseases of poultry in mass
animal farming have been observed: Bluecolouring of the
crest, decrease in egglaying performance, sagging of the
feathers, and sometimes these animals die too. These diseases
were called bird pest.

In present-day mass poultry farming, in particular when hens
are being raised in cages, many animals die each day as a
result of species-alien animal farming. Later, these conse-
quences of the mass animal farming were no longer called bird
pest, but bird flu. Since decades back, we are experiencing
that a transferable virus is being maintained as the cause of
this, in order to deflect from the actual causes.

THEN THOSE 100 MILLION hens which appear to have died from
bird flu in reality have died from stress or and/or from
nourishment deficiency and poisoning?

No! If one hen lies fewer eggs or gets a blue crest and that
hen is tested H5N1-positive too, then all the other hens are
gassed. That is how there got to be those 100 million appa-
rently H5N1-killed hens.

OF WHAT DID THOSE 61 PERSONS DIE who were demonstrated to
have H5N1?

There is only very little in the way of publicly available
reports, describing what were the symptoms and how these
persons were then treated. These cases clearly point in one
direction: Persons with symptoms of a cold, who then had the
bad luck to fall into the hands of H5N1 hunters, were killed
with enormous amounts of chemotherapy supposed to restrain
the phantom virus. Isolated in plastic tents, surrounded by
madmen in space suits, they died, in panicky fear, from
multiple organ failures.

DOES THEN THE SUBSTANCE TAMIFLU, which is now being purchased
with tax money and stocked, protect people from the bird flu?

That this substance protects against a flu nobody is main-

Tamiflu is supposed to function as a neuraminidase-re-
straining agent. It restrains in an organism the function of
the sugar neuraminidase acid, which is co-responsible for the
surface tension in the cells.

Those side effects which are noted on the instruction slips
accompanying packages of Tamiflu are almost identical to the
symptoms of a serious influenza. On a large scale, thus,
medicines are now being stored which cause precisely the same
symptoms as those which appear in an actual so-called influ-
enza - and which will discontinue, with a doctor, after seven
days, and without a doctor after a week.

If Tamiflu is administered to sick persons, then this is
likely to cause far more serious symptoms than those of a
serious influenza. If a pandemic is stated to exist, then
many people will take this medicine at the same time. In that
case we will actually have unequivocal symptoms of a Tamiflu
epidemic. Then also deaths caused by Tamiflu are to be expec-
ted, and this will then be presented as evidence of the
dangerous nature of the bird flu and evidence of how anxious
is the state that people should be in good health.

In this, the well-tested AIDS pattern is being repeated. In
Spain it's noted on the instruction slips accompanying
packages of AIDS medicine that it is not known whether the
symptoms are caused by the medicine or by the virus.

THEN YOU WILL ALSO NOT RECOMMEND any general vaccination or
the specially developed vaccination against the bird flu?

I am not recommending any madness.

Every vaccination substance contains poisonous substances
which have effects during a long time resulting in smaller or
larger permanent injury. The infection protection law re-
quires, as necessary precondition for a vaccination's being
justified, the "is", the fact of there existing something
which causes a disease, for instance a virus.

Since none of the so-called diseasecausing viruses can be,
nor should be, maintained to exist, there can also be no
lawful vaccinations against influenza, and none against bird
flu either.


There are some other articles too which demonstrate that the
"bird flu" propaganda is a hoax with very bad intentions
behind it, for instance two by Jon Rappport, the USA, on
17.01 respectively 19.01 of this year. Further statements (in
translation) on this question by Stefan Lanka and another
German expert, and an attempt by me to analyze its political
background and context, readers can find in my Info #252en.



Message posted by:
Rolf Martens
Malmö, Sweden
Phone and fax:
+46 - 40 - 124832;

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