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Rolf M. Offline

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01.04.2006 17:22
1. April: Rettung jetzt durch Pferde! Antworten

Hallo Leute,

Auf der "Vaccinations" Briefliste hat Sue berichtet, daß sie sich nunmehr sehr beruhigt befinde, da ja laut den allerletzten Erkenntnissen der ultramodernsten Vogelgrippe-Superwissenschaft Antikörper, die aus Pferde stammen, die Mäuse gegen diese schreckliche Vogelseuche schützt! Ich konnte natürlich nur zustimmen. Hier ist eine Meldung von mir (auf Englisch) darüber:

For 1 April: A new twist in the "bird flu" hoax propaganda

At my homepage I've added today, under
"News with brief comments":

Saturday, 01 April 2006 (NWBC 141) Suitable for 1 April: A
new twist in the "bird flu" hoax propaganda

2006-04-01, 11:17 GMT:

To the Vaccinations mailing list (which I joined a few weeks
ago), wrote, Fri, 31 Mar 2006
21:30:05 +0800, subject "Horse Antibodies Against The Bird
Flu Virus H5N1 Are Effective As Treatment In Mice":


"Right, everyone off to the stables....!! I am sooooo
reassured by the fact that antibodies produced by HORSES
protect MICE against BIRD flu.

What is this stupid world coming to....?"

I'm replying now, at the Vaccinations list,


Hello Sue,

I'm very reassured too! At least we can't complain that the
ruling persons in the world today aren't sometimes being
quite funny! In addition to stupid, I mean. (I'm quoting the
rest of your posting further below.)

This "new discovery" of theirs is a new twist - pretty ridi-
culous too, at least to us who know the basic facts about
this thing - in their big attempt to make people believe that
there actually is "a contagious bird flu", that there
actually is a "virus H5N1", so that "hopefully", they can get
people to accept some mass vaccinations "against" this
phantom "virus". As you oldtimers at the Vaccinations list
have known about such things since long, this precisely would
cause serious harm to ordinary people - which is what those
ruling persons actually want, in this case.

As explained also in detail by the German virologist Stefan
Lanka in an interview on 27.10.2005, reproduced in English in
"UNITE! Info #251en" at my homepage (and there are some
excerpts from it at some other websites):


"...Those side effects which are noted on the instruction
slips accompanying packages of Tamiflu are almost identical
to the symptoms of a serious influenza. On a large scale,
thus, medicines are now being stored which cause precisely
the same symptoms as those which appear in an actual so-
called influenza - and which will discontinue, with a doctor,
after seven days, and without a doctor after a week.

If Tamiflu is administered to sick persons, then this is
likely to cause far more serious symptoms than those of a
serious influenza. If a pandemic is stated to exist, then
many people will take this medicine at the same time. In that
case we will actually have unequivocal symptoms of a Tamiflu
epidemic. Then also deaths caused by Tamiflu are to be
expected, and this will then be presented as evidence of the
dangerous nature of the bird flu and evidence of how anxious
is the state that people should be in good health. ..."

So, if they do get people, in one or several regions or
countries, to accept mass vaccinations, or accept mass
"medication" with Tamiflu, then they'll say: "April's Fool!
- Now we do have that H5N1 pandemic which we told you about
to begin with! So you'll just have to accept even more
vaccinations, even more 'medication'!"

I recently read somewhere that in one country at least, in
Uruguay, there is a danger that the authorities will soon
enforce such mass vaccinations - if so, fooled into this by
the ruling persons in the USA etc and by the WHO - and have
tried to warn against this by sending a certain "News with
brief comments" item, No. 133 (of 27.03), at my homepage to
several Usenet newsgroups and to other addresses.

At worst, there in a few weeks' time will be reports of a
(purported) "bird flu pandemic" "having begun in Uruguay".
Let's hope that this will not occur. It seems that the ruling
persons won't dare to realize their mass "anti-H5N1" vaccina-
tion schemes here in Europe or in the USA, at least - "too
many" there probably already "know too much" about this scam
of theirs with the intent of mass murder.

Here's the rest of your posting, the part in which you
quoted that stupid "report" about the fantastic "horse-mice-
bird" "discovery":


Horse Antibodies Against The Bird Flu Virus H5N1 Are
Effective As Treatment In Mice

Antibodies against the bird flu virus H5N1, derived from
horses, prevent mice infected with H5N1 from dying from the
virus. A study published in the open access journal Respira-
tory Research ( reveals that
a dose of 100 µg of horse anti-serum effectively protects
infected mice. These results suggest that anti-H5N1 anti-
bodies developed in horses could potentially be used to
prevent death from H5N1 influenza, or as early treatment for
the disease, in humans.

Jiahai Lu from Sun Yat-Sen University in Guangzhou, China and
colleagues from other institutions in China infected dog
kidney cells in vitro with a lethal dose of H5N1 and simul-
taneously exposed the cells to horse antibodies against H5N1.
Lu et al.'s results show that horse antibodies to H5N1
protected cells against H5N1 in vitro – the cells simulta-
neously infected with H5N1 and exposed to horse antibodies
did not die.

Lu et al. then injected horse antibodies into 40 mice that
had been infected with a lethal dose of H5N1 24 hours
earlier. The authors also injected horse serum without H5N1
antibodies into a group of mice that acted as controls.

The authors found that 50µg of antibody protected 70% of the
mice against death by H5N1 and 100 µg of antibody protected
100% of the mice. The mice in the control group died nine
hours after receiving the normal horse serum."

Happy 1 April to everybody (except some very few, you know

Rolf M.



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