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Rolf M. Offline

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05.05.2006 11:09
'V-Grippe' kommt groß im US-Fern 9. Mai Antworten

Hallo Leute,

Während es ja im Moment hier in Europa verhältnismäß "ruhig am Westvogelgrippenfront" zu sein scheint (auf jeden Fall in den Medien), wird offensichlich vorbereitet, "Der sterbende Schwan" bzw "Die sterbende Ente" am kommenden Dienstag ganz groß auf der US-Fernsehbühne (ABC) aufzuführen. Sicherlich kommt das auch bei uns bald wieder. Hier eine Meldung von mir dazu, auch an eine Reihe von Newsgroups usw. geschickt, mit einigen Zeilen auch über das Erscheinen des wichtigen Buchs "Die Vogelgrippe". "Bird flu" to hit US TV screens 9 May

At my homepage I've added today, under "News with brief

Friday, 05 May 2006 (NWBC 161) "Bird flu" to hit US TV
screens 9 May

2006-05-05, 07:04 GMT:

According to ABC News on 28.04:


"Bird Flu Hitting TV Screens May 9

WASHINGTON Apr 28, 2006 (AP)— Bodies piling up so quickly it
takes dump trucks to haul them away. Barbed wire to keep
whole neighborhoods quarantined. It's Hollywood's version of
bird flu, a blur of fact and fiction that some scientists say
could confuse the public.

"Fatal Contact: Bird Flu in America," an ABC made-for-
television movie, airs May 9, just as scientists are to begin
testing of wild birds in Alaska that could herald the arrival
of bird flu in North America. ..."

The big international propaganda scam about an imaginary
"contagious bird flu" whose imaginary "virus H5N1" "might/
could/will mutate into an even more dangerous one for humans,
creating a pandemic", is a terror attack, under preparation
since at least 1999, by the US and other imperialist ex-
ploiters, oppressors and mass murderers, using such institu-
tions of theirs as the EIS ("the CIA of medicine") and the
CDC (both directly under the command of the Pentagon) and
also the WHO, with the intention of preparing for campaigns
of mass "medication" and vaccination, which would actually
harm and also kill people, campaigns which everybody needs to
be warned against and to resist.

The reason for this terror attack, big in the media during
several months recently and at present "seemingly forgotten"
at least here in Europe only because the facts about it have
become publicly exposed - but it will no doubt soon appear
again here too - is that the ruling reactionaries more and
more are fearing the resistance against them by the people

In the USA too, where the reactionaries are preparing this TV
hullabaloo for next Tuesday, 09.05, for instance, there are
also at least some small forces who are endeavouring to
expose this scam.

Internationally, the main and the scientifically most precise
exposure of the "bird flu" terror hoax has come from Germany,
a country which also seems to be a particular target for it.
Se for instance my "UNITE! Infos" #251en, #252en and #256en,
and also several earlier "News with brief comments" items.

Recently, an important book has been published in Germany
with further information on this subject: "Die Vogelgrippe
- Der Krieg der USA gegen die Menschheit" ("The Bird Flu
- The War of the USA against Humanity"), by Stefan Lanka,
Hans-Ulrich Niemitz, Veronika Widmer and Karl Krafeld
- ISBN 3-937342-15-X. It can be ordered from the klein-klein-
verlag. I've acquired copies and intend to write a resumé of
it later.



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